Intro to Coaching

Why coaching?

Sometimes, our clients meet someone they like, but they are not sure how to move forward with the relationship, or the relationship stalls because the past is holding them back. Clients who are very successful in managing their careers may not have much experience in modern dating or how to sustain a healthy relationship.

The world's most successful people and companies usually have consultants to guide them or give them advice from a different perspective. Our coaching service is similar in that we want to you to go from good to great.

About our coach:
Pascal has received professional education and training in psychology, personal development, stress management, hypnotherapy, couples counselling, and mindfulness training. Her experience and in-depth personal insights on growing a healthy relationship, identifying improvement areas, and enhancing your strengths, help clients find the way to happiness in life and in love.

If you are educated and successful, but haven't had much luck in relationships, you will find the session very inspiring.

Ask yourself:
Are you willing to take a risk to find love?
Do you find it easy to meet people but difficult to develop a lasting relationship?
Do you have strong feelings about a certain type of person?
Is your past holding you back from finding true love?
Do your friends usually hold back from telling you what you need to change?
Do you want the matching process to go more smoothly?
When you finally find the one, do you want to seal the deal?

If your answers are mostly "yes", you will find the session very positive and rewarding.
Imagine hiring a personal trainer for love rather than fitness for best results.

Doctoral candidate, PhD Psychology - Grand Canyon University, Arizona, USA
Graduate Studies, Clinical Psychology - University of the Rockies, Colorado, USA
Grad Dip & MA Counseling - Monash University, Australia
Registered Psychotherapist, State of Colorado, NLC 14116
Mind-Body Bridging (MBB) practitioner, CMBBP - Utah, USA
EMDR clinician, EMDRIA registered - USA
Gottman Couples Therapy, Level 1 - WA, USA
Coach / NLP Coach (Founding Member HK ICF)
Advocate/Investigator, registered with the State of Colorado Courts,
Member APA - American Psychological Association