Attraction Tool: Body Posture

In the process of finding love, you must first love yourself. To love yourself, you must love both your mind and your body. To love your body, you must have good body posture, because bad posture influences your entire body, making your muscles, bones, nerves and all organs suffer.

Why do you need good body posture to find love?

Because when you have good posture, it helps your body function more efficiently. When you inhale oxygen, it first goes to your lungs, then to heart, finally into your blood (which distributes the oxygen.) Oxygen is essential for each one of our cells. Each time you want to talk or make a move, the thought originates in your mind, moving as an electric impulse passing between cell membranes along the nerves, then finally moving the muscles. Muscles work by contracting and releasing as they move the skeleton. Imagine that every cell needs 100% of your oxygen but you are only able to give it 80% of its needs. By having good posture, oxygen can flow to your head easier, and the happy hormone {endorphin} can more easily move from your head to your body.

We don't attract who we want, but we attract who we are. (We normally want to be with someone who has something that we want.) Carrying a healthy body and good spirit makes you happy. You can only find happiness by being a happy person who is then able to attract someone happy to build a happy relationship.

Also, when each of us (both men and women) keep our head up, back straight, and shoulders back, men will look more masculine by showing the chest more and women will look more feminine by showing more of the woman's body curves. In terms of attraction, sexy means "the gender difference." The more difference you can show, the more you can attract the opposite sex by using your body shape.

True Story:

If you look at my photo from many years ago, my face is more round and my lower chin is shortened. It appears this way because when I slump, my lower jaw retracts and the muscles contract, creating a stress that makes my lymphatic system stay on. My Chinese doctor, Dr. Grace Wu, she helped me to correct the problem. When I asked her how I could do improvements myself, she showed me exactly what to do. I was amazed that the postures that she recommended were exactly as some yoga poses. That's when I started to practice yoga. Yoga is now part of my daily routine, practiced during the quiet moments that I use to plan my day.

Try to observe people on the street or at the office. Do you notice that the people who have bad posture also tend to start conversations negatively such as "I don't", "BUT", "The problem is". What you may also notice is that they usually have a round face compared with the people who have good body posture.

How to love your body?

Every night, before you go to bed, give yourself a hug. Every morning when you wake up, give yourself a hug, by wrapping your arms around your shoulders, and taking a deep breath. Try to condition yourself every hour to lift your head up, roll your shoulders back, make your back straight and then arch your back to release the tension in your lower back.

How to love your soul?

For your mind, always selectively choose to be with good people who look at things in a positive way, and tell yourself that you love yourself. Think of the people who love you unconditionally, think of people who believe in you, think of a time when you achieved something that you truly wanted.


PIcture the ideal you with your ideal soul mate. What kind of marriage life do you want? Your brain will really think it's happening and will seek information to make it happen.

How to have good body posture:

When we want to walk or sit, your brain forms an image, then the signal passes through the nervous system, the nervous system stimulates the muscles to move. The muscles move by contracting and relaxing opposite set of muscles to move the skeleton. To have good body posture, it takes practice. Good body posture is just like brushing your teeth. Start by adding it to your daily routine. When you wake up, perform 30 sit up to build core muscles, then lie down and lift your leg up 30 times to strengthen the lower abs, then 30 pushups to build the shoulders and chest. You may get a bonus of natural silicon, muscles under your chest making your breast looks bigger and creating more lift. If you find that pushups are hard, you can start by standing and pushing on the wall. To increase the difficulty, push on a table. Then move a little lower by doing a pushup by pushing on a chair. Then finally a REAL pushup off the ground.

Constantly sit up straight. At the beginning, you may not be comfortable, because your muscles are not familiar with your new posture. However, once you build the muscles and the posture becomes a habit, you will sit up straight easily. When you walk, try not to use the lower leg to make movement, instead, use upper thigh to lift the leg. This will engage more of your core muscles to lift the upper thigh (quadriceps.) By doing this you will naturally have a straight back when you walk.

How to build muscle:

Imagine that when you are under the sun for few hours, your skin "is worried" you will get a sunburn next time, so it adds melanin to the skin so that in becomes darker and offers more protection from the UV rays. It is the same with muscles. If you exercise within your comfort zone, you will never build any muscle. Your muscle must experience stress. This means to work out so that you are a little bit sore the next day. Now, your body will want to build more muscle at the same area, in case you have to use it next time.

Remember, building LARGE muscles needs testosterone. If you are a woman, you will never get man's body. To get the body that YOU want it is important to have a good diet by eating lean meat , good protein, vegetables and some fruit.


Do not say "you can't" or "it will be difficult". All you have to do is simply break your habit. At the beginning you may not feel comfortable. But in the long term, your body will appreciate it.