Attraction Tool: Smile

If you want to have a relationship, you need to attract the person you want first. To attract someone, putting on a smile is very important.

Because when you smile:

  1. You appear more approachable.
  2. You attract happiness. We want to be happy, so we are hoping to attract someone to build a happy relationship. When you meet a new person or a potential match, put on a smile, and they will mirror your facial expression.
  3. Create pleasurable moments: Studies show that when people put a pencil between lips while watching movie, they will find the movie funnier. If both you and your date smile often, each of your brains will recall that the date was full of enjoyable moments. According to the theory that humans seek pleasure and avoid pain (as a basic survival instinct), he will be more likely to spend time with you.
  4. Look younger: When you smile, you lift and use the muscles in your face, which can help you look younger. Youth is an essential element in attraction.
  5. Reduce stress and attract love: Many professionals have some single colleagues; however, they rarely think about approaching them. Even before you arrive at the office, your blackberry is already giving you a headache. When your entire mind is wrapped around a work problem, you can't begin to process romance. But one smile can take away your stress and your brain can function better in the dating game.
How to smile attractively?
  1. Be with people who always smile: A smile is contagious. Be with those people who are always happy. Learn the way they see things, ask them to share their secret.
  2. Practice: If you are not used to smiling often, then practice. Google some beautiful smiles and look at the mirror to practice. Practice letting your nervousness system and the related face muscles get used to it. Smiling is not much different from learning a new language or sport. You just need practice. Look at yourself in the mirror while smiling, with closed mouth, open mouth and from difference angles.
  3. Smile with your eyes and from your heart: People can sense if a smile is sincere or not. A sincere smile is accompanied by a general glow, smiling eyes where the outer corners crinkle and the lower eyelid tightens.
  4. Be Positive: Constantly think about something happy. Imagine something you want, that you are already happy. Feel the moment when you have already achieved a goal. How do you feel? There is a saying that we reach for destination where our brain is pointing. How would you feel if you are slim and beautiful, wearing a wedding dress, marrying someone handsome, with lots of friends and family attending your wedding.
  5. Be Playful: Life is too short not to be happy. A woman who is playful, fun, light-hearted, and cheerful is more likely to melt a man's heart and draw him in.
  6. Maintain good oral hygiene: When I have been coaching, I have met girls who don't want to smile because they think they don't have nice teeth. There are other girls who smile or laugh loud and show their bad/yellow teeth.
  7. Be mysterious: Practice having a mysterious smile, combined with an occasional genuine smile. Send mix signals of soft and tough. Make him guess and he will constantly think about you in your absence. Example- Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.
  8. Very often when my clients are looking through profiles, the most popular ones are not the prettiest girls, but the photos with great smiles. An easy way to have a natural looking smile is to say "Plum". If you say "CHEESE", it may make your face appear fat. Smiling is an investment, so it pays to practice. It will give you extra benefits at work, in your social life, and of course, create attention from men.

When you go on a date, if you show up with a beautiful smile, the date is already half of a success.
If your smile does not contain neat teeth and moisturized lips, the date is half-failed.
The key point to remember is to ask yourself, "Does he want to kiss me?"
If he does not want to kiss you, how can he fall in love with you?