Gym recommendation:

Why Pure?

"What are your hobbies?"
"I like to going to the gym."
"Oh me too. Which gym? "
Does that conversation opening sound familiar?

Fitness and health
A fit and healthy body projects confidence and conveys the message that you are disciplined enough to control your body and manage your life.

Hitting the gym
Unlike outdoor sports and activities, going to the gym is not affected by inclement weather and is available year-round. It can also help you perform better in sports.

So which gym?
We recommend Pure Fitness and Yoga to our clients for the following reasons:
  1. Most of our clients are Pure members.
  2. People who go to Pure Fitness are in relatively good shape, and seeing them work will motivate and inspire you to achieve that body shape you want.
  3. Their music and facilities are tops in HK.
  4. For a few hundred dollars more, you can enjoy yoga classes too. A director of an investment company says he trains at the gym three times and attends two yoga classes per week. Yoga is especially good after weight training.
  5. Frequent classes. People who can wake up at 6am, be at the gym by 7am, and the office at 9am are usually disciplined and hard working.
  6. Comprehensive facilities. All you need is to bring is a pair of shoes. However, we highly recommend that you get some nice exercise clothes at Lululemon. Dress up for gym, and dress down for social occasion is the new trend!
  7. Pure is expensive. But you will be more committed if you invest more.
  8. Your body influences your mind, and your mind influences your body. Going to the gym makes you feel happier and healthier.