Event Details
Theme: Red Roses & Love Letters Campaign
Location: Central
Date: 22nd Jan - 12th Feb 2016
Eligibility: Exclusive Match (handpicked and pre-screened)
Places: Full
Price: Sign up today for a FREE consultation!
Language: Chinese and English

Valentine’s Day: Red Roses & Love Letters

This Valentine's Day, find your perfect match - ready to commit and completely compatible. Let Rachael & Smith be your cupid of love on this special occasion!
Campaign details:

Gentlemen: We will send the lovely lady beautiful red roses and invite her for dinner on Valentines Day.

Ladies: You will receive a love note from our gentleman and if you choose to accept, we will assist in setting up the dinner date for you.

* Exclusive One-on-One Matches (handpicked and pre-screened by our team)
* Valentine's Day Dinner in a romantic location, fine cuisine and champagne
* Personalized Red Roses as gifts for a night to remember.

Campaign Period is from 12th January to 12th February 2016.

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