Premium Matching
Rachael Chan
How does Personal Matchmaking work?

Rachael & Smith Premium Matchmakers is known for our tailor-made matchmaking services with high success rates. We excel in making personalized introductions and creating exclusive date arrangements for high quality single professionals. Individuals who join our premium matchmaking services are sincere and ready for long-term, committed relationships. Once you meet someone who shares the same objective, you’re halfway there. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing a personalized, dating concierge service. Rachael meets and talks to every potential candidate and gets to know them on a personal level. We position you for optimal success by helping you create a great looking personality profile with all the relevant information needed for intelligent matching. Once a date has been set, we also make venue recommendations and reservations so that all you have to do is show up and enjoy your date.

Here are the questions we usually ask to get to know you better:

'Where are you from and how long have you been in HK?'
'What’s your educational background and where did you go to school?'
'Have you been in a relationship before? '
'What are your passion and hobbies, what do you do over the weekend?'
'How would you describe your ideal person to share your future with?'

We will select suitable matches based on your feedback and explain to you why this would be a good meeting. When there is mutual interest, we will assist with the date set-up. With our large client data base and an extensive profile of photo preview featured service, 99% of our clients showed very positive response about their first dates. Most of them will go on consecutive dates and eventually ( if fate would have it) , fall in love.

We also include other supplementary services such as style and hair makeover, new profile photo shoots and dating advice that would be beneficial if required. Our follow-up service often leads client to their second date by us providing more information. We also offer dating and guidance books to enhance the one’s personal knowledge on building loving relationships.

Follow up sessions often help clients to inspire how to have a more meaningful relationship and push you to the right direction. Meeting the right person is just the start… Nurturing long lasting relationships is our ultimate goal.

When you’re travelling, we will do our best to make all the arrangements for you. We know you are busy and successful, and we can help provide by giving you a balanced life of love, wealth, health and happiness. Do register now and let us do the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is “Smith”?

“Smith” is THE client.
We are always in search of a loving relationship that would grow between two people. Our mission is to find and introduce the best match for you and help you throughout the whole process. It is important to know that we will assist in as many ways possible but YOU yourself need to be open to change – be it physically, mentally and emotionally. Rest assured, you will always be in good hands.

Q2. Who are Rachael & Smith’s Premium Matching clients?

Our clienteles are single professionals, CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs. Our demographic are usually high profile, busy and very successful and highly educated and well travelled. They live great and exciting lives however are always looking for that special someone to share it with… and our job is to find you that exceptional partner.

Q3. How long does a consultation take?

Each consultation usually takes around 30-40 minutes.

Q4. What will you receive from our consultation session?

Various questions will be requested to get to know you and this will revolve around your career, interests, personal hobbies and everything that would allow us to get to know you better. All of this will remain confidential, of course. Besides, we may inquire you about your previous relationships to help us realize more about your expectations on different prospects (this would include educational background, particular image and lifestyle, career, needs etc.) Afterwards, a search from our database on potential matches will be done for you and a follow-up session planned once the client signs up.

Q5. What is Rachael and Smith Matchmakers’ Premium Matching Service?

Our service is mainly to assist you in finding the best partner that matches your interests and expectations. You will be given professional advices, suggestions and opinions on how to be a better candidate, be more attractive, in order to make the date successful.

Q6. Does Rachael & Smith host any events?

Rachael and Smith Matchmakers hosts events since 2004 and still continue to do so but in lesser occasions. Our main goal is to have personalized sessions of one-on-one consultation and planning for you, our dear patrons. Our bespoke screening process has helped increased the success rates of our matching services quite rapidly.

Q7. What makes Rachael and Smith Matchmakers different from other companies?

You are the priority and each session is tailor-made just for you. Our services also include: Profile Polishing / Profile Picture Service/ Personal Styling Services/ Profile Selection/ Personal Fitness and Diet Advice/ Date Arrangement and Scheduling / Date Coaching and Etiquette Advice / Dating Concierge Service.

Q8. How do I start a conversation during the first date?

Start by introducing yourself in a friendly, less business-like manner. Speak about your family background and personal interests. Next, kindly ask him or her about the same thing, and listen – look into his/her eyes while talking. Also you can move on to more exciting and positive subjects such as your hobbies and interests – traveling, food, wine, movies, music etc. Always be mindful to avoid controversial topics such as past relationships, politics, religion and anything that is negative.

Q9. I don’t want to change who I am. How can you help?

Every book starts with the first page and every journey starts with the first step. The same goes for LOVE. We will not change who you are, but will guide your perceptions, attitude and opinions to help you be a better version of yourself. We understand that when clients come to us, they want to effect a positive change in their lives and we are here to facilitate that. Often, as our clients find that change is good, they become happier, and are more prepared to enter their next relationship from a position of strength.

Q10. What is the success rate?

Since we started our business, we have made thousands of matches. Clients often make new friends, and some of these friendships evolved into relationships over time. Many people think they will meet Mr./Ms. Right on just one date. We don't want to sugarcoat our service; finding the right person is a process. I always remind my clients that the most important thing is to enjoy dating. We need to practice to be patient and open-minded in the process of meeting the right one. Having said that, some clients do meet the love of their lives through the first or second introductions as you can see in our testimonials.

Q11. Why do high quality gentlemen sign up for your service?

Most of our male clients have high-flying careers and haven’t had the time to search for their potential partner. Our discreet and dedicated matchmaking service facilitates this process by identifying only the most suitable candidates.