Event Details
Theme: Premium event - Cooking class, table manners, wine education
Location: Central
Date: 26th Feb 2016
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm till late
Eligibility: M:4,F:4
Places: 2 pax
Price: $3800
Language: All cultures

Food is such an integral and necessary element in our lives. There is a saying, " You are what you eat....." What we put inside our body is crucial and this leads to a healthier lifestyle. Much is the same way about our heart, we have to nourish it constantly to better ourselves and provide love to the people around us. Learning how to cook is a great way to show and give back to our loved ones. Whatever it is that you cook, it's the effort that matters and that it all comes from the heart... It sincerely shows them at you care and love them. So, come join us and let's all learn the fun and healthy side of cooking.

"Food and love are intertwined in which both triggers a positive reaction to a person that you care about .It is not about what you eat but with whom... So reach out to someone now, you just never know..."

- Jamie Oliver