Event Details
Theme: Whiskey Tasting
Location: Rachael & Smith Studio, Central
Date: T.B.A
Time: 2 hours session
Places: 8 guests

Like wine, Whiskey can be a great topic of conversation or ice-breaker when it comes to socializing or dating. It may not be your drink of choice, but knowledge of this classic drink and its appreciation can be the difference in closing the deal.
In this 2-hour session you will:
Sample five different varieties of exceptional whiskies Learn about the history and flavor notes of the ever-popular ‘Water of Life'
A sampling the whiskies from:
- The Isle of Arran distillery - In the 19th century the Isle of Arran whiskies were considered the best of Scotland, rivaled only by the Glen of Livet.
- The Arran distillery opened in Lochranza in 1995 and is one of the few remaining independent distilleries in Scotland and the only malt distillery on the Isle of Arran.
- The Loch na Davie water source is amongst the purest in Scotland and the microclimate is perfect for ageing whisky, with 2% being lost to the “Angel’s share” every year.
- Isle of Arran was awarded Scottish Distiller of the Year by Whisky Magazine in 2007