Event Details
Theme: Sept Premium Matching Dinner
Location: JW Marriott Hotel
Date: 30th Sept 2017 (Sat)
Time: 7:30 - 10:30pm
Places: 10M + 10 F
Price: HKD2980.
Pay before 25th May HKD2880.
First trial and come to consultation HKD1000.
Language: Chinese and English

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The Premium Matching Dinner was great. What happens next?

Many new members ask, "What is the success rate for matching dinners? What are the guests like? What should I be expecting?" To answer these questions, we have compiled some feedback from our Premium Dinner in July.

Following the dinner, Ms. B messaged Rachael, “Mr. D is exactly the type I am looking for."
At the same time, Mr. D told Rachael, “Ms. B and I are going on a date this Saturday." -- the day right after the dinner.

Another group had a blast during the dinner. They decided to meet up again for dinner on their own and start by building their friendships together.

Another guest said, “Rachael, all the candidates are very well-presented and professional. Especially the ladies, they are all very pretty and friendly. And of course, the food was brilliant! I will definitely recommend the event to my friends.”

Most people think they will meet Mr./Mrs. Right on just one date. We don't want to sugarcoat our service; finding the right person is a process. I always remind my clients that the most important thing is to enjoy dating. We need to practice to be patient and open-minded in the process of meeting the right one. Our Premium Matching Dinner in September presents another opportunity for you to meet new friends, and perhaps find a new love.

*The dinner is included in the premium matching package. For more details, please sign up for a free consultation.