Event Details
Theme: Monthly Premium Dinner:
Unlimited Dinner Package
Location: 5-Star Hotels
Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Eligibility: Single Professionals
Places: F: Full + M:10
Price: HKD10,000
Language: Chinese and English

Are you willing to invest one evening per month to change your life?

We notice many clients are getting very busy, travel a lot, work a lot. How can we make sure they don’t forget about finding someone to have a balanced life?

Rachael and Smith is now offering a very deluxe dinner package for busy professionals like you.

You may think one year is too long…but if that person is going to spend rest of you life with. It worth to spend time, have options to find the best person you can have.

All guests are pre-screened to make sure there will be someone for you at the dinner. We will make sure every time there will be new candidates too. We are determined to bring you the best candidates, dine at best restaurant, with quality cuisine, champagne and wine!

Imaging once you sign up, Rachael and Smith team will look after your love life. All you need is mark it on your calendar once a month and show up with a smile! Meeting someone who are already interested in you, you are on the half way of success.

Unlimited Premium Dinner Package HKD10 000 valid for one year.

Action fast.

Someone is out there waiting for you!!!

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Business hour Monday to Friday 10-7pm. Sat and Sun 2-6pm