Event Details
Theme: Pub Quiz Night for Wise Singles
Location: Hotel, Wan Chai
Date: 10th Oct, 2018 (Wed)
Time: 8-10pm
Price: HKD500

The older, the wiser
Meet someone with wisdom

Pub quiz is a popular bar game which is excellent for people to socialise at.

During the game, the quizmaster will ask questions on different subjects. Each team is formed of 4-6 people. Usually they will have someone who is good at general knowledge, food and drink, music, film or sports.

Rachael believes the older we are, the more knowledge and life experience we have, the higher chance we will get the answer. Therefore, this evening Rachael & Smith would like to gather mature single executives to join this game. Through the game, you are also able to observe many things about the other person. Such as manner, temper, people skill. We are always impressed by someone who is knowledgeable.

Come and have fun.

Members or by invitation only.