Event Details
Theme: Relationship Coaching
Location: Central
Date: Service
Eligibility: Professionals
Language: English / Cantonese

Why relationship coaching?

No matter whether you are single and wondering why you can’t find the right person, or you are in an unhappy relationship, or you just broke up with someone, or your last break up makes you hesitate to find new love, or you struggle who to choose as a life partner, relationship coaching can help you. When should you tie the knot? Did you get married too soon? Are you stuck with your the wedding planning? Are you unsure if you want to have kids or not? Does your partner have a very bad habit? Do you and your partner love each other but have very different lifestyles, e.g one of you has a healthy habit, but the other one has a drinking habit? Are you not sure - everything seems so fast and too good to be true? How do you test if someone is serious? When should you move in together? Do you struggle to leave a bad relationship?

Rachael Chan and her team, with her psychology degree and coaching certificate in training, have over 14 years of matching experience, coaching thousands of clients and couples.

What do I get through relationship coaching?

You will find the session inspiring. You will get to know yourself more. You will learn a powerful negotiation strategy, you will find more beautiful things in your partner and in your relationship. You will be more firm about what you want and what you don't want. We invest a lot at work and become successful professionals. Developing relationship skills and knowing more about yourself will bring you life-changing experiences, leading you to a better life that you never imagined was possible.